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Teresa Perciful,RN,BCH

Welcome to my website.  Here you learn how you can change your thoughts and change your life!

You are what you think!  Every thought affects you physically and emotionally!  Hypnotism can help you focus your thoughts on positive outcomes!  Your brain has neuroplasticity, you can change the way your mind processes and learns.  You can change your automatic reactions to people, places, or things.  Become who you want to be! Write your future!  I will be your guide to that new you!

What is Hypnosis, you ask?  Hypnosis (the word) orginated from a Greek word, Hypnos, meaning sleep.  Even if people in Hypnosis look asleep, they are very much aware, actually more aware than in a waking state. Hypnosis is a state just between awake and asleep (theta brain waves).  When we are in this state, the inner mind (computer-like part/subconscious) is more receptive to accepting change, that you choose.  We go in & out of this state about every 90 minutes, so it is a natural state of mind.  Have you ever been driving and when you got to the destination you didn't remember most of the trip? (Highway Hypnosis). Every time you enjoy a good book or a movie, you then naturally enter a state of Hypnosis.   In this state, you have a more direct access to your imagination and stored facts. You can use this state to plan, to review, to reminice, and make a plan for your positive changes.  Small children spend most of their time in this state, up through age 5.  So this is very important to keep in mind during this most impressive state of development! 

We have different parts of our thinking brain.  We have a left brain, a right brain, and a conscious thinker.  Left Brain is very logical, Right Brain very emotional and creative.   The Conscious Thinker is our filter for these parts.  The Conscious Mind takes in all the information you are recieving through your senses, then it goes to the Right & Left Brain to compare it with the information within (Does this compute?).  This process allows you to make sense of each situation, based on your stored knowledge and experiences.  It also works to keep you safe, surveying for any threats, physical or emotional. This then activates the Fight or Flight Response, if needed.  This is a basic description of a very complicated process.  We all have this organic computer that can never stop learning or adapting, as long as it is healthy. The brain also has other automatic programs, like breathing, circulation, digestion, and directs the repair of our body. Hypnotism can influence these parts, too. Hypnosis for stress can lower Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, and increase immune system. The mind is you, and every thought has a physical/chemical reaction in your body.  To prove this, just think about your favorite food, and notice how your mouth waters and you feel good,too. Now, think about biting into something that tastes bad and the dislike you feel & remember.  WOW!  Yes, we are like Pavlov's dogs!.

 Hypnotism can be a wonderful tool to help you to make positive change.  Hypnotism can help you get unstuck from stituations blocking or limiting your success. Hypnotism can help you break unwanted patterns of behavior.  Hypnotism can help you to build self confidence, increase energy, change your response to stressors, and focus you to complete a goal.  Since every thought has a physical reaction, many medical symptoms are triggered by stress (80%), and Hypnotism helps you relax, and many times, the symptoms lessen or stop completely.  Perceptions can be changed to more positive thoughts, changing old reactions. EXAMPLE:  " I get hives everytime I have to present a talk."  suggestions while in Hypnosis, " I am calm and confident when I am speaking to any group, whether 1 or 100."  When that suggestion is accepted in a Hypnotic State, the hives stop, and you can give your talk without distress. You have made a mental perception change, and the old physical reaction (the hives) stop, and a new program is now running (calm/confidence) when speaking. NICE!!!  Seems too easy? It really can be that easy!

There is Self-Hypnosis, where you learn to access this Natural State of Mind, or you can utilize a trained Hypnotist to help you design a plan, and deliver the suggestions for change.  Changes such as  stop smoking, nail biting, or over eating.  You may want to end a fear, like public speaking, snakes, heights, flying, or any fear that gets in your way of life.  Using Hypnotism before a medical procedure to receive suggestions of comfort and quick recovery, or to stop those once expected reactions like nausea.  A study by California BCBS showed using these techniques with surgical patients, decreased cost to the hospitals and the patient healed faster and needed less pain medications. Hospital saved average of $2500 per patient! Win/Win!

Many studies have been done, and are currently being done, on the effectiveness of Hypnotism, and the majority show positive outcomes! This is very exciting!  A recent study of Hypnosis to Stop Smoking, showed hypnosis the most effective tool to quit.  In people suffering with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), studies show up to 95% reduction in all symptoms after a program of Hypnosis. Using Hypnotism as a complementary therapy for many medical illnesses is very beneficial, to decrease the stress response to the illness, keeping the bodies immune system working better.  Poor sleep patterns respond well to Hypnotic intervention.

Hypnotism for Sport Performance! 90% of your game is subconscious, tap into that part of you that moves your body and reflexes.  Many professionals in sports have a mind coach (hypnotist), or have learned self-hypnosis, and do the work themselves.  Of course, training the body (muscle memory), with physical practice is very important, then fine tune the mind, to work at the optimum level!  Great for kids in sports!  If you have developed a sports block, hypnotism can get you back in the game!

All patterns of behavior can be changed faster with Hypnotism.  Want to eat less, exercise more, stop procrastination, or be more efficient at work??  Hypnotism can work for you!  Hypnotism can help you be better at anything, sports, art, writing, reading, sleeping, anything!! YES ANYTHING!!!  Your subconscious is 1000X more powerful than your conscious thinker, in hypnosis you are accessing the subconscious!

Hypnotism is a very powerful tool and a safe/drug free way to regain energy/drive, focus, be healthier, and to be who and what you want to be.  To be the best you can be!!!! 

Rules of the mindWhat you resist persists!  So redirect your thinking to what you want to do, not what you don't!  Every thought has a physical reaction!  Redirect your thinking to health & prosperity, and you can have confidence, relaxation, happiness, energy, stamina, focus, comfort, and success (all positive feelings)!!!!

Hypnotism Works!  Let me be your guide to making those positive changes in your life!  Need help making these changes - THINK HYPNOSIS! Think TODAY'S Hypnosis!

Call me for a free confidential consultation Teresa Perciful, RN,BCH  (501)416-0066 or Email me @